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“ипична€ попытка автоподставы, котора€ провернута неуд....

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«ј ѕќ—Ћ≈ƒЌ»≈ 1,5 √ќƒј Ќј“ќ » –ќ——»я ЅџЋ» Ќј √–јЌ» ¬ќ…Ќџ 66 –ј«
√руппа европейских министров призывает ћоскву и Ќј“ќ о....

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—амолЄт, упавший на детсад, Ч катастрофа, от которой наутро не осталось и следа
ќ трагедии, произошедшей в курортном городке —ветлогор....

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“–» Ѕќ√ј“≈…Ў»’ —≈ћ№»  –≈ћЋ≈¬— »’ „»Ќќ¬Ќ» ќ¬

Ќедавно в распор€жении —ћ» попали декларации о доходах представителей власти, опубликованные ими за 2018 год. ¬едомости собрало топ-три самых богатейших семей кремлевских чиновников.

“аким образом, самым богатым из служащих  ремл€ стал экс-глава јвто¬ј«а »горь  омаров. Ќыне он полномочный представитель президента в ѕриволжском федеральном округе. Ќа двоих с супругой  омаров отчиталс€ о 659,344 млн руб., из которых лишь 2 миллиона рублей Ц доход супруги.

Ќа втором месте оказалась семь€ ѕесков Ц Ќавка. Ќа двоих они заработали 231,399 млн руб., из них доход ƒмитри€ —ергеевича, пресс-секретар€ президента –‘, Ц 12,8 млн руб. ќстальное заработала супруга ѕескова Ц “ать€на Ќавка.

Ќа третьем месте стоит семь€ —ерге€  ириенко Ц замруководител€ администрации президента –‘. Ќа двоих с супругой они заработали 66,888 млн руб., из них 66,632 млн руб. Ц доход экс-главы Ђ–осатомаї.

Ѕыла обнародована информаци€ о зарплатах чиновников за 2018 год. “ак, самыйбогатый депутат √осдумызаработал 2,3 млрд рублей за прошлый год.

√ригорий јникеев, служащий в партии Ђ≈дина€ –осси€ї, вновь стал самым высокооплачиваемым чиновником, несмотр€ на то, что в 2018 году онзаработал на 2 млрд рублей меньше, чем в предшествующем.

≈сли чиновникам нельз€ заниматьс€ коммерческой де€тельностью, то тогда откуда такие доходы? явное нарушение действующего законодательства...а ѕрокуратура оп€ть ослепла.....шЄл ночью...в переулке...а на него напали...деньги...2 миллиарда...отбитьс€ не смог..
2019-04-14 15:21
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Ј Dead Trigger Mobile
Become the humans' first hope while you'll fight off endless waves of bug baddies. As your call of duty called you'll have to go on an epic journey while shooting bad invader bugs. The dead space has started an planetary incursion and you're the first modern warfare frontline commando to destroy it. Don't be afraid and strap a big shadowgun. Fighting and running can be tiresome though you will hold that hand on gun's dead trigger. As you'll go on with the free fun you shall go on in deteriorated cities close to their doom. The modern warfare battlefield shall make you heed your call of duty. Defend your ground and use two guns at the same time. Post apocalyptic battlefield will need hard domination on the leaderboards. Live, die repeat. Win the fate's favor and best the ominously transgressing odds as you'll get on with your call of duty. This fps (first person shooter) play will give you with plenty of free time on google play. Become the ultimate terminator and alien deer hunter. The invading aliens shall need the intervention of a skilled frontline commando. First person shooters were never as good as that free and nice mobile android game. Go after your call of duty and shoot the aliens.

—ообщение є: 16
25.09.14 (13:43:33)
Ј frontline
My brain was blown when I've first seen this sweet piece of game. Freshest tablet game from a one of the best game studios, featuring such magnificent and majestic antagonists that I'm still shocked and awe strucked. Witnessing untold amounts of undead bugs dead, trigger continually twitching as I was releasing a barrage of bullets from my shadowgun and throwing explosives everywhere. Silent main character reminisced me of the old Doom PC game, though Combat Trigger: Modern Dead 3D has many more gameplay features. Our bulletproof vest gets to be personalized which is the only thing that lets us proceed even further into this science fiction horror. Only the best exploits of modern warfare mingled with an quick trigger finger will allow you to succeed over the undead zombies. Cool graphics encourage you to follow your call of duty. Combat in modern style your terror when traversing future Earth cities and throwing barrages of bullets from your shadowgun, become the extreme mobile frontline commando, shooting numerous like an android. Modern warfare gets blended with dark and cynical futurism, where shadowgun exploration gave us only indescribable terror of having Earth invaded by dead zombie invaders. Humongous numbers of them, in fact. All hungry for our blood and our paraphernalia! Cool ego shooter, hard waffen, wow. Become a frontline commando with your guns blazing, or snipe the undead devils from great distances. All using only your tablet display.

—ообщение є: 16
12.11.14 (19:19:05)
Ј Need for Speed android
I have recently come across a fresh driving game for mobiles, its name is Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it's almost like a racing sim with arcade feel. Racing through desert dunes and grasslands, avenues and roads, it's like Need for Speed Carbon or Most Wanted, and actually the newest part, NFS: Rivals. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a strong 8. Ammount of features is almost overwhelming, and so is its replayability. Besting the leaderboards really caughts you and you are directly drawn in. It trully reminds me of Asphalt Overdrive. Above all it's a great, challenging free game. There are no chases with law enforcement, but perhaps it's good though as multiplayer asphalt feature gives great occasion to prove your unparalleled underground drag racing skills. On-screen immense velocity gives a feel of literally being there and hurrying with top drivers as seen in TV. Stress spikes are not far and few. It has some very cutting-edge AI and I've played already 6 times in a row or so and it is still enjoyable and interesting. It's kinda cool to race and defeat other racers on six or so tracks. Game is like race with GT cars like race or asphalt.

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10.09.14 (10:30:54)
Ј Call of Dead Duty Trigger
Gameplay mimics strike team on the modern battlefield with a sci-fi feel. Frontline commando at its top form. Whether you prefer to blast your adversaries from distances or to execute them from hundreds of meters. It's like Dead Space only featuring cosmic bugs. Unknown to humanity before, species found in the depths of Saturn. Follow the call of duty and go on a gunfire rampage as you will become the apex sniper, shooting space zombies like zombies in the forest. Guns that will be to your disposal are not distant and wide, but they are good enough to defeat any challenge you will ever find. Survive the limitless influx of deep space terror, shoot the space zombies dead and witness them disintegrate and die. Just the grandest feats of modern warfare will change the trend of this cosmic war. Amid the crimson rocks of Jupiter fps experience will be broad and appealing. Written on android game source code, this modern combat sim shall give you the vibe of actually having the hard shadowgun in your fingers. Only now free call of duty strike team.Plentiful dead in space can effect you. Many frontline commandos have died back you so this edge of tomorrow can bring you mostly enjoyable and dazzling anguish ever. Though you have to know that this ain't Deer Hunter - this is true blood and true pain because you will be battling the war for mankind, as the fight on the remote battlefield shall determine the fate of the world. The heed of the modern battlefield will push you to your extent, as the cosmic horror shall bring you trials and tribulations of great degree. Get it quick and be the greatest sniper shooter, while beating the edge of tomorrow combat. Ready your sniper shooter and jump in the saddle; lay your finger dead on the trigger and spin up the barrel of your rifle of preference. This mobile aplication you can get on the android market for your comfort.

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06.09.14 (06:05:20)
Ј It
ћожет ещЄ перегреватс€ от пыли и тормозить.ƒл€ исключени€ перегрева комплектующих необходимо регул€рно очищать компьютер от пыли и других загр€знений. ¬ результате перегрева в процессоре и графическом адаптере включаетс€ механизм защиты Ч троттлинг. ¬ результате чего снижаетс€ производительность и компьютер начинает долго думать Ч тормозить.

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December 11, 2014, 11:54 am
Ј Angelina
” мен€ тоже такой канал есть, с начало не нужно сильно накручивать потихоньку. Ќи кто ничего банить не будет если делать в меру.

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December 11, 2014, 11:54 am
Ћюбимый канал

 ино онлайн - кино, которое можно просмотреть не скачива€ его с интернета, не покупа€ диски и не включа€ телевизор. ѕростыми словами. —уществует огромное количество сайтов, на которых можно просмотреть любые фильмы нажав просто на кнопочку ѕлей. „аще всего это происходит через плееры, которые считывают файл с сервера. «ачастую сайты, которые транслируют кино онлайн, не €вл€ютс€ легальными.  онтент на этих сайтах нелегальный и не защищен авторскими правами. Ќе редко на этих сайтах по€вл€етс€ видео раньше, чем в кинотеатрах, что нарушает «акон. ино онлайн на сегодн€шний день очень попул€рно, т.к. человек без проблем может просмотреть его на работе, дома, в гост€х, не тер€€ времени на его закачку.

¬озникли вопросы пиши регистраци€ не требуетс€!! =)